I am Michelle Schwab

My Focus Is Training Women Who are Trying To Lose Weight And Become Their Best Selves...   

Why You Ask?     
Because I was one of those women!     
And this is My Story or at least a small part of it...

I was never very athletic growing up.  Never really caring about sports, I was always the bookworm.

I spent years being ashamed of my body. I would joke that "if I just got a job that paid me to work out, I could be a supermodel." Then I would laugh, because who pays a bookworm to workout?

Soooo, I followed the standard path that society puts in front of us all. If you want to be a successful adult you must : do good in school, go to college, get a good job helping people accomplish their goals. And I did it. I built the life with the kids and the dog and the white fence. I was supposed to be happy, but I wasn't.

I got up everyday. The babysitter came over to watch Alyssa until school started in the morning. I ran around like a crazy person getting everything ready for the day. There were hugs and kisses and I was out the door. I raced through traffic to work and when the day was over, and traffic allowed, I raced home just in time for dinner and homework and hugs and kisses before bed. I was missing my family. I was stressed, and I was falling back out of shape again! Too much stress eating can do a number on the waistline!

I was missing my family.  I was stressed, and I was falling back out of shape again!  Too much stress eating can do a number on the wasteline!  I spent a long time feeling completely defeated and working hard on convincing myself that this was as good as life gets. Everyone said I had a great life. I just had to convince myself. Then I

Or did I?  Maybe I had to take my life in a whole new direction.  Maybe my crazy joke of getting paid to workout could become a reality?  So I started the journey.  I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but I just wanted to keep learning how I could help people reach their goals, so I kept on studying, and I'm sure you already figured out that I became an ACTION certified personal trainer.

I opened my adorable little studio and never looked back.  I walk my daughter to school every morning (so if your looking for an 8am session, sorry, but I can't meet you until 8:30) and I get to spend so much more time with my family now (yup, that's them all over this page), all while finally being happy with my body.

And there's nothing more amazing then helping other women to finally be in love with themselves again!!

I am in love with my new career! 

It really is true that if you surround yourself with super positive and motivated people, you'll become more like them!

But, no matter how healthy I get, rest assured, I will never be giving up my chocolate!