Beachbody Performance Ultimate Performance Stack

Unleash your most extreme body breakthrough with the all-in-one system for truly epic muscle-building results. Key ingredients in this stack help you get remarkable strength, endurance, and recovery to propel your physique to the next level. The Ultimate Performance Stack gives you all 5 Beachbody Performance™ supplements designed to work together to help you get ultra-lean, ultra-strong, and ultra-defined—incredibly fast.*

The Beachbody Performance Sampler Kit

This sampler is the perfect way to try all 5 performance formulas before you buy the full-sized tubs. You'll get one single-serve packet of each Beachbody Performance product: Energize, Hydrate, Recover, Recharge, and Creatine. Experience the benefits, taste the delicious flavors, and see for yourself how much better your workouts can be!

Lemon Energize

Energize Pre-Workout Formula Find more energy, motivation, and focus to power through your toughest workouts with enhanced endurance. Start strong so you can finish stronger.

Formulated with Key Ingredients Scientifically Shown To:*

>> Improve intense exercise performance
>> Increase energy and endurance
>> Sharpen focus and reaction time

Citrus Hydrate
During Workout

Hydrate During-Workout Formula Boost hydration for better performance! Hydrate helps improve performance and endurance, and replaces lost electrolytes better than just water or sugary sports drinks.

Formulated with Key Ingredients Scientifically Shown To:

>> Support hydration during exercise
>> Replace electrolytes lost during exercise
>> Fuel working muscles and improve endurance

Chocolate/Orange Recover
Post Workout

Recover Post-Workout Formula Faster recovery helps you get faster results! Get the proper protein and nutrients to help speed muscle recovery and reduce exercise-induced muscle soreness so you can hit tomorrow's workout just as hard.

Formulated with Key Ingredients Scientifically Shown To:

>> Speed muscle recovery
>> Promote lean-muscle synthesis
>> Combat exercise-induced muscle soreness
>> Improve muscle strength recover

Creatine Monohydrate
Post Workout

Creatine Push the limits of your strength and power to hammer out even more reps, boost lean-muscle gains, and accelerate high-intensity performance.

Formulated with Creatine Monohydrate Scientifically Shown To:

>> Improve high-intensity exercise performance
>> Increase muscle strength and power
>> Enhance the effects of resistance training

Vanilla Recharge

Recharge Nighttime Recovery Formula Support muscle recovery while you sleep. Now you can help boost your body's ability to fight off delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) while promoting lean-muscle growth.

Formulated with Key Ingredients Scientifically Shown To:

>> Support overnight muscle recovery
>> Combat exercise-induced muscle soreness
>> Promote lean-muscle synthesis
>> Reduce muscle breakdown