There's absolutely nothing "vanilla" about this dairy-free shake. Because its flavor is so full-bodied it's perfect on its own. Or because vanilla is a neutral base, you can make this shake taste like anything, and we mean ANYTHING, your heart (or taste buds) desires.

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Purchasing Options

30 Day Supply Bag

All shakeology flavors are avaliable in an economical bag containing a 30-day supply. You can choose a single Shakeology flavor, or alternate flavors for added variety from month to month.

Shakeology Convenience Pack

This pack contains 24 single servings of your favorite Shakeology flavors, perfect for busy people on the go. Select one flavor, or mix it up with a combo pack containing two deliciously satisfying flavors.

Not sure if this is the flavor for you? Try the Vegan line...

The easiest way to figure out which flavors you savor the most is by sampling them all, of course. This vegan sampler not only has all four dairy-free flavors, including our two newest ones, Vanilla Vegan and Café Latte Vegan, but each flavor is loaded with our new superfoods—Matcha and Chaga. Once we discovered these superfoods' superpowers, we had no choice but to add them to the mix while keeping the same great taste.